Maneki Neko NFT

An exclusive NFT collection of life-changing lucky charms

The Maneki-Neko NFT is your membership token to FUKU, the most prosperous community in the metaverse.

A congregation of fortune-seekers and investors, FUKU brings prosperity by proximity and passive income.

The fortunate owners of a Maneki-Neko NFT grow together.

Membership to the world’s secret societies is normally reserved for royalty, old money, or billionaires.

Not in FUKU. Here, we create our own luck. Maneki-Neko NFT owners create wealth via passive income from secondary market sales and have access to inside trading information.

You’ll even get early access to our DAO society with voting rights.

The Maneki-Neko Collection

Each Maneki-Neko NFT is an entirely unique combination of 7 different traits. Some traits are rarer than others, granting their lucky owners extended privileges in the FUKU community.

NFT Ownership Benefits

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Join the fortunate 1% and earn passive income. On average, billionaires have seven streams of passive wealth generation. Start yours with FUKU.

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Secondary market sales

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Member only access

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DAO voting rights

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Exclusive merchandise

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Insider trading advise

Project Roadmap

Meet Our Team

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Head of Operations

A part of FUKU since day 1. Finds most satisfaction in defining processes and watching them run smoothly. Enjoys good food, reading, and spending time with her big family, not necessarily in that order of priority.

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Salmon 乔峰

VP of Strategy

Going on 8 years in China, he's the master of PPTs and loves helping bridge the gap between China and the west. Being a father of two, when he’s not changing diapers, he's probably cycling or eating stinky tofu.

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Kennjo 张灵星

SVP of Sales & Marketing

His (unpronounceable) name shows his European and Asian descent. Used to be a client but loved the FUKU team so much he decided to join. An avid Star Wars fan and enjoys walks with his two little ones.

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Shobuo 郭晓晖

VP of Operations

A part of FUKU since time immemorial. Down-to-earth vibes, carpe diem lifestyle, but we call him “The Boss.”

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May Guo 郭锐

VP of Administration

Basically “grew up” with FUKU. Likes reading and playing Nintendo Switch, but none of these hobbies compare to going on a drive with his wife and daughter.

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Quonzio 胡婷

Solutions Engineer

Everyone comes looking for me when they encounter any issues. Always gets suddenly pulled into meetings. An avid philanthropist, painter, and calligrapher.


There will only ever be 5555 lucky Maneki-Nekos ever made. No more, no less. 

Each Maneki-Neko is one-of-a-kind. Our programmer Dom has hand-written a code that randomly compiles one of each trait into the final NFT, mixing the background, figure, headpiece, mask, accessory, and companion.  

We will offer a limited number of presale opportunities to those whitelisted. A place on this whitelist guarantees an NFT, even in the event of a sell-out (which is highly likely). Follow our social channels for whitelisting instructions.  

The mint date is set for Q3 2022. Specific date is going to be announced inside of our Discord

Once you’ve minted your NFT, owners will have the chance to contact our team and customer-order a physical representation of their exact Maneki-Neko. 

Owners will be able to see their NFT on OpenSea, and on our website.